Video Production

Video Production

Promoting your business in a world of noise, colour and short attention spans can be a challenge, but not impossible, especially when you come at it from Leftfield.

None of us mind watching a video that means something to us personally, so if your message is clear and is delivered to the people it’s meant for, they will notice.

Video is by far the most economical message delivery system we know of. All the information is right there. No wordy descriptions, no wondering. The positives to engaging your customers by video are endless – no matter what your business.

We Specialise In:

Explainer Videos

That encapsulate your business in a minute or two

Training Videos

Either in-house or far-reaching

Induction Videos

So that new staff or partners hit the ground running

Promotional Videos 

An in depth look at the services and products you provide

Leftfield Cairns can offer tax deductible video solutions for your business that can continue to bring benefits long into the future.

Some Of Our Work

Website Explainers



Do You Need Video Production?


Documentaries are a passion at Leftfield. It’s what we live for: telling stories using the medium of video. Whether for television of on-line release, the same passion goes into telling the story.

Do you have an idea for a documentary? Use the form below to send it to us.

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Music Videos

Because I’m a musician, I really enjoy making music videos. It brings together my two loves, being music and cinematography. I have made many over the years, for artists such as Chakra BC, Binda Warren, Seaman Dan, Bobby Maguire, Rebeka Rain, Rochelle Pitt, Maupower and Austranesia to name a few. Here is a small selection:

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