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Leftfield Productions offers concepts and scripting, photography, all manner of video production and delivery by an increasing number of methods including internet vehicles like Vimeo and YouTube.

Leftfield Productions is a proud recipient of the Queensland Multi Media Awards’ Best Advertising Campaign Across All Media. (Bob Hale Award)

Leftfield Productions


Brett Charles

Brett Charles started his media career in radio as an announcer and writer. Although he still loves doing voice-overs, he had more interest in writing and became a published author in 1991. (Recycling – Combating the Throwaway Society (Allen and Unwin)).

From here, Brett went on to work as a writer/producer for television networks where he learned the craft of television production and gained a solid understanding of advertising concepts and directions. After honing his craft and learning from some of the best, Brett picked up a camera and started his own video production business which has morphed into Leftfield productions Cairns.

Another 20 years looking down the lens and Brett is still passionate about telling stories through high quality video productions and photography.