Video Production

dreamstime lens

Great video production has a skill list and knowledge base that is wide and varied. At it's core is solid knowledge of the rules of cinematography and an understanding of light and sound. You must also understand your tools...the lens, the shutter, the microphone... and what these bring to your creative toolkit. 

 Next, you must be able to use all these tools to communicate your message in the most appropriate manner while overcoming all obstacles such as being on a boat in a 2 metre swell or having to do an interview in a 25kt wind, or the sun going in and out of cloud or a presenter who needs their confidence built. Getting the result can only come with the experience of the film-maker. And most of the time... it's fun!

Film-making is definitely one art form that is worth investing the countless hours of study, practice and continual learning needed to be able to deliver in all circumstances.  

Leftfield can produce video for any purpose, in any format from High Definition documentaries for broadcast on TV to corporate web-casts or blogs. Below are some areas of expertise for Leftfield.

Please call or contact Brett to discuss your project. 

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