Best Documentary 2014


Best Documentary Award

I was chuffed to win the "Best Documentary" prize at the Queensland Multi Media Awards held on the 8th of November for "Ailan Kastom". I thank the Torres Strait Regional Authority for commissioning me to make this important document and I would like to acknowledge all the people across the Torres Strait who gave generously of their time and stories. I am pictured here with Leitha Assan (left), Executive Producer and Bronwyn Jewell, Producer. Both of these exceptional ladies work for the TSRA.

"Lie Catcher" shoot

Getting Ready to start filming the first big chunk of "Lie Catcher" with Dr David Craig in Bundy and Brisbane.  It's a bit different as I will be in front of the camera as well as DOP/Director. 

Back to Torres Strait

Just confirmed another trip to the Torres Strait in early July for a project with the State Library of Queensland. I will be recording a re-enactment of the "Coming of the Light" to Dauan Island. (Top Western Cluster).


Ailan Kastom is going into replication this week. The first batch of DVD's will hit the shelves in two to three weeks. A very exciting time!

Meanwhile Episode 3 of The CAM TV has been well received with over 200 views in 2 days!

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